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Product Sample Boxes

  • An Post Box
    Parcel Box
  • Ireland Earth Box
    Fire Pack Box
  • Irish Cheese Box
    Food Box
  • Products
    Whiskey Drink Box 1
  • Jack Daniels Box 2
    Whisky Drink Box 2
  • Powers Box
    Glass Box
  • Rays Pizza Box
    Pizza Box
  • Southern Comfort Box 1
    Drink Box 1
  • Southern Comfort Box 2
    Drink Box 2
  • Wrights Of Howth Box
    Fish Box


Choose One of the Most Experienced Cardboard Packaging Manufacturers in the Country

If you are looking for cardboard packaging manufacturers or suppliers, Campbell Packaging supplies companies nationwide.  In business for thirty years, we have decades of design experience and production capabilities for a wide range of standardized packaging, boxes and mailers of all sizes.  As a manufacturer and direct supplier, we also offer our clients custom design services and distribution-warehousing services that include “just-in-time” shipping options for your general packaging, mailing and storage supplies.  Whether you need one-piece mailers, corrugated boxes, linerboard options, cardboard packaging or other products, we can meet your requirements.

Additionally, we are a company committed to sustainable manufacturing with the goal of manufacturing 100% recyclable products. 


Choose One of the Most Experienced Cardboard Packaging Manufacturers—Contact Campbell Packaging.


We pride ourselves on our service. Over the last 30 years we have provided our services to customers from all parts of Ireland including:


Co. Carlow, Co. Cavan, Co. Clare, Co. Cork, Co. Donegal, Co. Dublin, Co. Galway, Co. Kerry, Co. Kildare, Co. Kilkenny, Co. Laois, Co. Leitrim, Co. Limerick, Co. Longford, Co. Louth, Co. Mayo, Co. Meath, Co. Monaghan, Co. Offaly, Co. Roscommon, Co. Sligo, Co. Tipperary, Co. Waterford, Co. Westmeath, Co. Wexford, Co. Wicklow .